This Moment – Outside and Inside

Inspired by SouleMama

{This Moment} – Moment’s from the week, special, extraordinary moment’s.
A time I want to pause, savor and remember. If you wish to do the same, please leave a link in the comment’s below. 

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A letter to the Parent who “Un-Schools”

 This post may appear new to you. But I dug it out of my drafts file. Originally written two years ago, I have no idea why I never published it?! My sentiments are just a s strong today as then. The mothers I know that pursue this path still inspire me.
Each day I hope we are growing more into ourselves, in education, in life, and in relationship with each other. 

Read on, enjoy, and be encouraged. Whatever your path.

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Dear Mother,

I hear you are an “un-schooling” parent. That you don’t formally direct the education of your children. I hear that they are allowed to learn about what interests them. That you don’t rely on grade labels or feel the pressure to push them along and keep up.  I hear that your house is more chaos than order. That you are often running from activity to activity to suit the whims of your children.

But, I am not here to complain about your lack of teaching or your dirty kitchen.
I am writing because, I admire you.

If only we who are so privileged to direct the educations of our children could see our children as you see yours. Full of life and love of learning.

How do you do it? How do you encourage this boundless appetite for knowledge? How do you carve out the time to fill the cup of your little ones imagination?

I know many see your style as lack, but I see it as full. I see it as selfless, the way you put aside your needs to nurture the desires within the heart of your children. This is no easy task. For I have tried and failed more than a few times. I still hold onto a bit of selfishness, and seek time away. So many hours of togetherness can be a bit painful, it drains me quite honestly. I often want to give up.

I love that you have allowed yourself to let go, let go of the labels that bind our children and  set a standard for where they are at — or should be. I love that you are so comfortable with each other.  The joy in your face as you tackle each day together, exploring in ways I could only imagine.

Your children are so genuine and kind, they are dynamic thinkers. These qualities will help them go far.

I love that you know that your path is your own and that mine may be different. You have shown me no judgement for directing the education of my children differently. You offer me grace for the limits I have placed on myself.

Thank you for walking your path and showing me that the view I have is not the only way. That what is important is to know my children and nurture their unique, individual little lives.

Yes, I see our paths are different but I have learned so much from you, and I thank you for not looking down on me as I follow a more…. traditional….or classical road. For I see that you understand that it is my job to know what is best for my family and it is our own unique journey.

There are some that put down this style of learning (because of its seemingly unorganized compilation) as somehow lower than more traditional  forms of education. But I think quite the opposite. I aspire to be more like you… Only in a unique like me kind of way.

Thank you for all you have taught me.



(A mother on a journey to home school … or not.)

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Indoor Sunshine


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Our seedlings are started and we once again have a little indoor sunshine going. A full two weeks later than I planned, but it’s done. Every year that I make the attempt to start seeds I feel both excited and nervous. Excited because this is yet another sign of spring. Nervous that the seeds won’t grow. I think this is my 6th year to attempt to start seeds. I know I should have a little more faith in God’s amazing design. They have always grown. But, it never ceases to amaze me that if you plant seeds, ad a little water they will in fact grow. Looking deep there is such a metaphor for life there…

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Its a beautiful thing, this indoor sunshine.

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This Moment – Outside and Inside

 Inspired by SouleMamma

{This Moment} – Moment’s from the week, special, extraordinary moment’s.
A time I want to pause, savor and remember. If you wish to do the same, please leave a link in the comment’s below. 

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The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

 Psalm 19:1

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Finally! A Snowman



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All winter Colt has wanted to build a snowman. It’s hard to believe that he had to wait until March to build the first one. But on one lovely sunny day, when the mercury finally rose above 30 degrees this little fellow was created. And crazy as it seems I think even this snowman is a sign of spring!

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These Shoes

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I know. Gross right!

But, ah these shoes. I’m sure those who know me wonder why I have hung on to them so long. These shoes and I have certainly been places. Now, I’m not one to place much attachment on clothing. And as many know, my style is basically whatever comes my way at Christmas time. Clothing’s purpose is to cover my body, I don’t give it a whole lot more thought than that. I typically seek quality over quantity, practicality over fashion, comfort over style. But, you should know I don’t always like that about me. Sometimes a girl just wants to be pretty ya know.

but I digress.

Back to these shoes. I actually bought a new pair today. I’ve truthfully been on the search for new shoes for about 4 months now. I have just had a hard time finding the right pair that I thought would last for a price that I felt was reasonable. But, today I did.  And I was getting ready to toss these shoes when I really started thinking about where we’ve gone together and I decided It was quite remarkable that they are still in one piece.

These stinky sneakers where purchased back in the spring of 2009. That’s SIX YEARS ago people! And though they are certainly not my oldest pair of shoes (see snow boots I’ve owned since I was 15 and cowboy boots I’ve had since I got married 10 years ago) They are the ones I have probably worn the most. Day in and day out it seems these puppies are on my feet.

So here is a summary of what has happened while wearing these shoes:

They have carried me through 4 pregnancies.

They have hiked up mountains and gone to beaches.

They have tracked Georgia clay across 5 states.

They have moved with me across country 4 times.

They have jogged (though not often.)

They have gone to the garden and been washed in the yard.

They have chased children and kites.

They have hiked through many a sandy arena while I gave riding lessons.

They have walked hundreds of miles (by my estimate anyway.)

They have been comfortable, like an old pair of tennis shoes should.

And now they are ready to retire. I’m ready to let them.

But I thank the God that I had them. They did their job.

Do you suppose the new pair can last as long?

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