Sun Burn

Sunburn 1

Recently I began playing with Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve known about them for a while, but never really thought they would be worth the investment. So, believe me when I say, NO ONE is more surprised than I at the results we have seen using them. Already in two short months we have received relief for colds symptoms (with me avoiding getting sick completely. Twice.) My husband has enjoyed relief from stiff sore back muscles thus being able to be more fully rested and ready to tackle his rather physical job. My quality of sleep has GREATLY improved. My chronic headaches are almost completely resolved. We have been able to work our way around those awful evening hours when we are all a little tired of being so close.
But, I think among the most surprising aspects of these oils, it has been in their ability to aid in healing.
After spending a beautiful sunny day outdoors my oldest came in with the looks of a pretty good sunburn. He is so fair, and unfortunately as he has gotten older and as we have added more little bodies to our family, I notice I am missing getting the suns screen on him right of the bat in the spring.

Not having anything to loose I did a little research and asked a few questions. The overwhelming response was to use Frankincense and Lavender in a base of coconut oil. I’ve been quite impressed with using this combo for minor cuts and scrapes, but I had no idea what it would do for sunburn.

Sun Burn 2

Out of sheer curiosity I decided to take before and after pictures. I wanted to make sure that what we are trying is really not just all in my head. The pictures you are looking at have not been edited at all except for cropping them.

I took these pictures almost exactly 24 hours apart. We applied this mixture twice that evening, and twice the next day (morning & evening.) I have to say I am impressed. The pink calmed down significantly and very quickly, and Colt said that it doesn’t hurt or itch at all. I’d say its a winner. Now, to work on getting into the habit of puting that sunscreen on him! Though I do hear there is an oil for that too. :)

The Reality of Life

I’m going to let you feast on all these images before I say another word. 4-18-15 006 (768x1024) 4-18-15 010 (639x1024) 4-18-15 011 (768x1024) 4-18-15 015 (791x1024) 4-18-15 016 (1024x768) 4-18-15 018 (768x1024) 4-18-15 023 (768x1024) 4-18-15 029 (1024x768) 4-18-15 035 (688x1024) 4-18-15 037 (1024x768) 4-18-15 039 (768x1024) 4-18-15 045 (1024x769)

The other day we had some cousins come over to play. The day was beautiful and so very warm. We couldn’t bear the thought of being indoors for too long. So out for a hike we went.

And…we forgot our camera’s!

We were too far to go back and so we were faced with this surprisingly aching choice: Do we go back or enjoy the moment?

I realize that sounds silly. Of course the answer should be to enjoy the moment. And we did. We enjoyed the sun and fresh air. We enjoyed the chatter of little voices over new discoveries and earthly treasures. We enjoyed sweet mama talk. That fellowship is so amazingly precious.
We got to see things and hear things we have never seen or heard before. Did you know a flock…I think they are a flock (?) of ducks flying down on the water sound very much like a car of which its muffler is missing? Or, did you know that a Tadpoles mouth is a bit more like a fish’s than a frogs? Discoveries I tell you!

Perfect. Precious. Unforgettable.

Before we knew it our short walk had lasted the morning and we headed back. Promising the very un-ready mob we were wrangling we could return after lunch.

But before I go on, let me ask you; What do you think when you see all these images?

Ah, I knew you were smart! We forgot our camera’s right?!
In all honesty I was surprised at how bothered I was that I did not have a resource to record our morning adventure. Why else would a normally sane mother readily volunteer to skip the two-year-olds nap in the name of a second two-mile trek? Yes, I wanted those pictures, those memories to be preserved. As if the memory in my own mind was not enough.

We did make the journey home and ate a wonderful filling lunch which my talented and generous cousin prepared (Seriously Kelly is an amazing cook.)

And After…

We had to do some real soul-searching about daring to do it again. Because though it was an amazing morning, there was a little bit of reality to deal with.
Like the reality that packing a baby on my the front of my body for two miles does take its toll on me. The reality that a certain little girl who very much needs her nap would have to miss it. The fact that one boy loves the hike and had great plans and the other had quite had his fill. And…. That our guests had their own reality, similar in many ways to ours, yet totally unique to them.

In the end the pull of the warm day and the majority of eager voices sent us on our way. Along with the promise that some of the youngest could ride in the wagon part way. Not to mention the thought that this time we could capture a bit of our adventure.

And off we set again.

We got the pictures, but there was a little less magic in the moment.

We made the journey, but with a little less thrill.

We made it home, exhausted, less patient (me) and ready to call it a day.

Still, through it all I learned something. I learned that I still have some growing to do. I need to grow in patience, yes, even more. I need to keep working on living that life of quality and simplicity that I so often talk about. I learned that the moment does etch itself on the heart and camera or not we will still have so many memories.

I was also reminded that Life – that is, the living it part – is precious and is meant to be lived in the moment given to us. Not in the pictures left behind.

4-18-15 043 (1024x732)

On homemaking

3-4-15 002 (768x1024)

Its no secret that I am not a great home maker. Show up at my house any day of the week and you will notice a very lived in look. And for the most part I am okay with that. We live here, we love here, and we are real… all of us. But, that doesn’t mean I am not looking for ways to improve on things.
Laundry is one of those things that I always seem to be at battle with. I think I have mentioned before about my struggle to tame the laundry pile. I usually have laundry everywhere and seem to constantly be behind by four loads for folding and putting things away. The good news is we usually have clean clothes. The bad news… its anyone’s guess where they are. My son is always surprised and I think maybe just a little too grateful when he has clean laundry in his dresser.
Anyway, this week more than a few of my favorite bloggers started talking about this Stress Free Homemaking mini video e-course. So, I had to give it a glimpse, you know, see what all the hub-bub is about, and who doesn’t need a little less stress with around the house?
I watched the first video in the series and what-do-you-know the first video is on doing laundry.
Let me tell you, wow! Now maybe I’m a little slow, but I never thought about doing laundry this way. The shock of it all is it seems to be working. Crazy to think that I might actually vanquish the laundry monster after all.
If you are interested in checking out the course here is the link: Stress Free Homemaking   Some other great news; it’s FREE (for now. It looks like the offer is good until 4/23/15.)

Best wishes and peace in your homemaking endeavors. If you have any other tips that make your life easier around the house I would sure like to hear about them.

Just like that – It’s SPRING!

4-14-15 008 (1024x768)

4-14-15 016 (768x1024)

4-14-15 015 (768x1024)

4-14-15 020 (1024x765)

Ahhhhh… The Sun! It feels like overnight the final remains of winter have blown away – quite literally. But on those breezes and with the rain of the last few days we are finally feeling as well as seeing Spring. Though the days have still had a chill to them, it is getting warmer. And that Sun! Oh how much more friendly it seems.
I see the pull of our days heading out doors ever more. It seems a challenge for Colt to see how many waking hours he can spend out there. I too am making more of an effort to be out doors. We are all stretching, running (yes, me too) and breathing this fresh new season in. What a blessing.

4-14-15 037 (768x1024)