Not our House…but it is home.

This is not our house. It is my parents home. It is in town. It is not our house….but, it is where we call home right now.

If you have been following you would already know that our family has done a bit of shuffling this year. We sold our lovely homestead on three acres and moved to Georgia for a ranching job my husband had accepted. Only to come to the conclusion that the job, though it did have some perks was ultimately not going to work for our growing family.

So, here we are back in Michigan, more sure than ever that this is the state we shall call home. Except for now, we are sort of houseless. Houseless, but not homeless. The beauty of where we live is that we are close to family. Family who so willingly took us in, all five of us while we get back on our feet and until can find a place of our own.

We also get to practice an aspect of home we have never even considered as multiple generations share a space. So, far it is working beautifully, and while I do look forward to the day when we will have a little space to call our own. I am trying to fully absorb the gifts that this opportunity brings to my family and especially to my children.

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