Chicken Enchiladas – Sorry Secret Recipe

{Friday has come and gone. In the past Fridays have meant “Recipe Day,” but, since our internet was down most of the day I am getting around to posting today.}

Typically I would love to share some new or favorite concoction. The reality however, is that since moving, and moving and new baby, I really haven’t had a lot of time to focus on creative cooking. We mostly just try to eat real food whenever possible.

But, a few weeks ago I turned 31. And my lovely mother had the brilliant idea to make my most favorite meal ever. It is our families recipe for Chicken Enchiladas. These are about as real as you can get, and this recipe has been handed down through many generations each adding their own special touches. The secret is in the sauce and in the past few generations there has been one key ingredient that really seems to make ours special. I could share,  but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.  :)

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