The First Year Home Schooling and the Baby Years, What They Have in Common

2-22-13 010 (2)I really do love homeschooling…now. To be completely honest this has not come as natural to me as I had hoped. Probably from my own idealized notion that because I was home schooled I should know how to do this.

Yeah, totally different when you are on the parent/teacher end of the spectrum.

But, I digress…

Now that we have a few months under our belt and I feel we are settling into some sort of a routine or rhythm, I have to admit that I love what we are doing here.

There is something intensely satisfying about helping your 6 year old learn to read, it is much like watching them take their first step. It is an amazing accomplishment, one that I feel so blessed to witness.

But, the path to home schooling is even more similar to those painful, exhausting, rewarding, would-not-trade-it-for-anything baby years we have just passed.

Just like having a newborn, those first months in the home learning leap, are so new and precious and foreign.

And…they are exhausting, because just like having a newborn, your young student may seem helpless and totally dependent on you for everything. With new baby, you are needed for feeding, for sleeping, for diapering, everything! Even though my six year old can dress himself and even make toast, I must be present for any and all of the structured learning we attempt throughout the day. He needs me to read the books, help him sound out the words and even help him through his writing practice (even if only as moral support.)

It’s hard to be so involved, but just like having a new baby, you learn to cope. You learn to sacrifice and you appreciate the gift of being the mother/teacher. I wouldn’t want to miss any of those first experiences for anything.

And… Just like when that baby is new, you may struggle and collapse at the end of the day from the exhaustion of the effort. But, There is nothing more magical than watching your child grow, and struggle and succeed!

Just like the baby years, you may second guess every decision you make. But just like the day I decided to ignore all those pesky voices that said to let my son cry himself to sleep, (I just knew there had to be a better way for him and me.) You grow in the confidence to trust yourself as the mother of this child, given to you.
Now those pesky voices say children who are home schooled will become some sort of anti-social freak. I know better, I remember the baby years. I can glean from past experience to trust myself, and listen to that spirit leading, and be encouraged. The truth is my son is dynamic, social, and thriving.

Yes, there are many things about these first months homeschooling that make me think fondly of the yesterday that my son, then just new began his journey to discovering this world he was born into. Now at six we have this formal label of “home school” but, the truth is we have always home schooled from the beginning from the very first day he was born. We have and are learning together, and I hope we will for a long time.

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