Mama’s Spring Break

Oh my goodness! We are almost through our first week back to school and back to our regular flow of life. Before I dive into what we are up to now I thought I would take a quick moment to share what this mama did to refresh during our two weeks of break.

First of all, I let the house go. Yep, I admit it. I didn’t keep up on the laundry, I barely kept up on the dishes and dinner was a bit of a scramble each night. Did we survive? Of course!

I love my routines, I really do. But sometimes even our very flexible routines can get to be a bit of a burden. The relief of not doing everything just so is lovely. The chaos that ensues shortly after is not always as pleasant. But then again that is the point – I want that routine to sound lovely again, and it always does.

So, what did I do while I was not doing what I’m supposed to do?

You guessed it, I found a path into my converted closet of a studio and dusted off my sewing machine.

The first project that need my attention: Booties for Addie. Now that she is on the move and now that we are out and about without a snow suit, it was time for something to cover her piggies.

3-27-13 0303-27-13 004I started making these booties way back when Colton was a baby and I always go back to this pattern. For though I love the little low-top style booties and adore the new Mary Jane styles out there. I love that on those not-quite-warm days these cover the little gap between pants and foot and protect little ankles from the chili weather. The bottoms are made of PUL (the stuff cloth diaper covers are made of) reverse side out, which makes these little kicks water resistant and non-skid. Inside is a bit of fuzzy fleece. Perfect for breezy spring (or fall) days.

On to project #2

As I may have mentioned before, there is quite a bit of adventuring going on in and out of this house. And what have my young adventurers been needing? Field bags of course! My creative boys have been making do, sharing one bag that has definitely been put through its paces. And as luck would have it, I have been reading and loving the Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule and Steve Soule (you know Soule Mama.)
This lovely book breaks down the year by the month and offers great insight into the seasons and lots of projects and activities to foster better connection within the family and with nature. It just so happened that one project for the month of April was making field bags.

4-7-13 1224-7-13 008These bags were a cinch. I must say how lucky I felt to find all the materials I needed at our lovely local quilt shop, Sharon’s Quilts and More.
I used a beautiful wool felt for the outside of the bags and doubled up cotton web for the straps. For the lining, Alex has horses galloping through the snow and Colton enjoys pirate treasure and maps guiding his way.

I realize that these projects seem more for the kids than for me. I truly love it when I can find the time to create, It doesn’t matter who it is for. Those moments when I let myself break away from the list and all the things I must do, and choose instead to while away some time doing something I enjoy is precious and rare. Even if the end product is not for me, I feel rested and restored and ready to press on.

4-7-13 010And who could resist offering joy and better equipped adventure to a little one anyway.

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