A New Little House in Michigan

Oh my, it has nearly eaten me alive to keep this secret. But now that all the papers are signed and the keys exchanged I can finally share that we are once again entering a season of transition.


Sorry, I really could just scream it from the roof tops.

The funny thing is when this all began (back in September) none of us thought it could or would happen. But, we have hung in there… and prayed…. and waited… and doubted…. and freaked out, only to renew our faith and end up in doing the only thing we could; trust God and wait.

Now the waiting is over and the timing couldn’t be better. Except for the outrageous amount of snow (which we are so grateful for,) how perfect to start a new year with a new home. So, here we are with a fresh beginning ahead.

Come along, I’ll give you the tour:

Here is our little piece of earth, which includes this partially redone 1900’s farmhouse, a few out-buildings, lots of gorgeous trees and three little pastures to the south.

2-2-14 040

Of course here is Kyle’s favorite perk. A barn with 7 stalls.

2-2-14 048

And of the three small out buildings, this one is my favorite. It is destined to be my chicken coop come spring.

2-2-14 047

Now, lets go inside the house….

The best part of the Kitchen,

2-2-14 066And more of the kitchen (which will get a little makeover, so consider this a before picture.)

2-2-14 064

Actually, before I go on you should be warned these are all BEFORE pictures.

Looks like a little work is already being done in the dining room.

2-2-14 063

A cozy little bathroom.

2-2-14 053This is the living room (and yes, that is the original hard wood floor.) The doorway looks through to one of the two bedrooms on the main floor.

2-2-14 069

And up the stairs we have a large loft. Perfect for two little boys I think.

2-2-14 072Well, that concludes our tour. We will keep you posted on our progress. All I can say at this moment is, Thank you.

Thank you God, for walking with us for 4 months as we pursued buying this home. Thank you Lord that we learned to wait just a little bit better.
Thank you to our friends who prayed so diligently with us. Thank you to our amazing team of Realtor’s. Thank you to the couple who sold us this little home stead. Thank you to our family’s who have been so supportive in this process and have shared so much wisdom.

We are so happy. And yes we know it needs a bit of work… o.k. a lot of work. But we are not afraid of work. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to work on this little place and I have no doubt that soon it will be our home, our little house in Michigan.

Oh, and what did we happen to find under all that old linoleum tile in the dining room?
But, more hard wood of course.2-2-14 075

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